ELI offers Italian language courses. 

Italian is a language spoken by 60 million people, most of whom live in Italy and southern Switzerland. It is also frequently spoken by Italian immigrants in the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Canada and Australia. It belongs to the Roman Languages branch of the Indo-European language family. Italian is the most similar to Latin among the Roman languages, so it is also called "Modern Latin". It has great similarities with other romance languages (such as French, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Catalan). Someone who knows Italian well can learn the other Roman languages in a short time. 

Our Italian programs are customized to meet specific needs. The courses are given as one-to-one lessons, or corporation can choose to train their employees in a group setting. Since the needs of individuals vary greatly, we plan our programs by evaluating the students' individual needs. Some students only want to learn Italian for daily life, while some students want to learn Italian for business purposes such as meetings and presentations.

We apply the interactive education method in which the participants learn grammar, new words, gain specific skills, and the students apply these skills and words in each lessons.

Participants receive training with this dynamic approach, in which our instructors continuously provide feedback and ensure the participation of students in the course.

For this approach to be effective, it is recommended that the number of participants in the class should not exceed 8 people. Group lessons are only available for corporations who organize the groups themselves. For solitary individuals interested in the course, we invite you to try our 1 to 1 courses. The courses are given by instructors whose native language is Italian.

Our courses: We teach Italian for general purposes, business life, exam preparation, and academic support programs.  Most of our classes are organised online through Zoom. For face to face lessons ( Levent Center or a location you choose) please contact us.

You can contact our consultants for more detailed information about the courses.


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