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Details for the NEW digital SAT:

· The new digital SAT will start March 2023 for international test takers

· The test will be on a computer and not paper

· 1600 format (800 verbal and 800 math) will stay the same

· The test is computer adaptive meaning: if you do well on the first verbal or math section, the second verbal or math section will be harder. Verbal has 2 sections and math has 2 sections

· There is a 10-minute break between verbal and math

· The test is shorter in terms of the amount of time and the amount of questions

· We believe the test will be fairer for international students (as well as American students), and the entire process should be less stressful for the students.

· We have full confidence that our staff and teachers will be able to manage the change to the new format and continue to instruct students in a productive and effective way just as we have done in the past

Duration: The Digital SAT lasts 2 hours and 14 minutes

Scoring: In the SAT exam, there is no penalty for wrong answers. The test will be evaluated on a 1600 point scale. The score distribution is 800 points for Math and 800 points for Reading and Writing, and then the two scores are combined for a final score.


· The current sat math has 58 questions and the new digital sat will only have 44 questions.

· Students will be able to use a calculator throughout the entire math changes

· The total time for the math section is 70 minutes (two – 35 minute modules)

· The math section involves algebra, geometry, trigonometry, function, non-linear equations, and problem solving


· Readings will be shorter with only 1 question per reading

· Reading questions will again test vocabulary in context, details, evidence, structure and comprehension

· The current sat has 96 questions in the verbal section and the new digital test has only 54 verbal questions

· The time allotted for the verbal section will be 64 minutes (with two – 32 minute modules)

· Reading and writing / language questions will be mixed

· Writing and language will be similar to the old test but with shorter passages

· Writing and language will include questions on grammar, vocabulary, expression of ideas, and punctuation

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