Career and Education Counseling

Students who are studying at ELI are not just given education in the classical sense. Students are informed by our consultants about the uses of English in their academic and professional lives. They learn how to relate their English to their academic pursits and career.

Each student has its own advisor, and these advisors assist them in solving all their questions and needs during their education.

One of the most important duties of our advisors is to follow the weekly attendance and monthly progress reports of the students and to share these with the student and / or the family. These progress reports include how the student are developsing in the 4 main skills of Reading, Speaking, Writing, Listening, student participation and homework.

Many of our students benefit from our exam preparation programs, which is our specialty. The exams of TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo, GMAT, GRE, SAT and AP are the main English and mathematical exams required for students who want to study abroad. At ELI, we assist our students with all aspects of applying to universities abroad such as university selection, program selection, country selection and visa requirements during the next stages of their education.

We can advise all our students who would like to study abroad in choosing a schools, enrollment, and visa procedures.

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