SAT and Covid-19

SAT - Covid-19 Update

In March 2020, many SAT students and naturally families experienced great financial due to the Covid-19 epidemic throughout the world.

Unfortunately, due to the crisis, many SAT exams were cancelled throughout the world.

So, how do SAT exams and Covid-19 process work now? What is the latest status of cancellations? Let's try to shed some light on recent events by answering some questions:

Question: Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, some universities in America and Europe have lowered the SAT requirement. Is this correct information?

Answer: It is true that some universities have removed the SAT requirement from being "compulsory" in order not to decrease the number of student applications. However, it should not be forgotten that many students have still completed the SAT. Although universities have removed the SAT requirement for the application requirement, a good SAT score for admission still provides an advantage for the students.

Question: Can future SAT exams be canceled? How and when can we know this? Can they add additional exams instead of canceled exams?

Answer: Yes, future SAT exams can be canceled depending on the severity of the Covid-19 situtaion. The test center can even cancel the SAT exam the day before the exam. Often students are notified about cancellations through email and sometimes the test are re-scheduled. You can access canceled exams and test centers on the official website of Collegeboard:

Question: My test center cancelled my exam a few days before the test date. While my exam was canceled, my friend was able to take the exam without any problems. How can this be?

Answer: Since the Covid-19 risk varies from country to country or even from region to region, Collegeboard, the official institution of the SAT exam, has left the right to cancel upto the test centers. In Turkey, some test centers can cancel the exam if they consider the region or the exam center to be in a risky area. Schools with large student capacities could also be at the top of the risk category. Schools that do not cancel the exam are usually smallar schools in a lower risk area. Unfortunately, the entire decision to cancel tests is left to the test center. We recommend our students to register for the nearest test date without wasting time.

Question: The exam we registered for our child has been canceled. When will the exam fee we paid be refunded?

Answer: Refunds for canceled exams are made within 3 weeks. There may be delays due to the amount. In the worst case scenario, you can ask Collegeboard for a refund by submitting a form. You can click on the link below at Collegeboard Support:

These are the questions we often hear from students and parents. If you have different questions about the SAT and Covid-19 process, you can get detailed information and answers by calling our education consultants.

We wish you health and success in this process.

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