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SAT Explained

SAT is an exam for students who want to attend undergraduate education in the USA. Organized by the College Board and accepted by 5900 colleges and universities, mostly in the USA, the exam is held in various examination centers all over the world.





400 - 1600


Subscore and Cross-test Scores are available



3 Hours ( +50 minute optional essay )



Evidence-Based Reading and Writing: 200-800


Math: 200-800


Optional essay (Graded seperately)




Incorrect / Correct

Students are given points based on the number of correct answers given








SAT Format




Evidence-Based Reading and Writing



65 minutes Reading 

25 minutes No-Calculator

35 minutes Writing & Language

55 minutes Calculator


52 Questions (Reading)

20 Questions (With No Caluclator)

44 Questions (Writing & Language)

38 Questions (With Calculator)


200 - 800

200 - 800


Duration: The SAT lasts 3 hours or  if the optional essay is selected, 3 hours and 50 minutes.

Scoring: In the SAT exam, there is no penalty for wrong answers. The test will be evaluated on a 1600 point scale. The score distribution is 800 points for Math and 800 points for Reading and Writing, and then the two scores are combined for a final score.

Essay: This section, which lasts 50 minutes, is scored separately from the 1600-point section. In this section, you are asked to analyze and explain how the author formed his argument in a given reading. Essay is scored based on your reading, analyzing and writing abilities. Each of the reading, analyzing and writing sections is evaluated on a scale of 1 to 4 by two separate people.

Mathematics: Mathematics in the SAT exam consists of two parts. In the first section, which consists of 20 questions, the use of a calculator is not allowed and it takes 25 minutes. Calculator can be used in the second part consisting of 38 questions and the duration is 55 minutes. Scoring will be over 200-800. Math questions will consist of topics such as algebra, data analysis, geometry, trigonometry.

Evidence-Based Reading: Students will be given 65 minutes to answer 52 questions. Students will be given 5 reading passages and will need to answer approximately 10 questions per passage. The score of 200-800 is based on correct answers from this section and the following section, the evidence-based writing section.

Evidence-Based Writing: Students will be asked to answer 44 questions in 35 minutes. Students will be asked questions from 4 short passages and will be asked  to correct grammar, punctuation and word usage. The correct answers from this section and the reading section will combine to give you your final score on a 200 - 800 point scale.

SAT Subject Tests are exams are given in Literature, History, Mathematics, Science and Languages. Some universities, especially in America, recommend that students have an average of 3 subject test during their applications.

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