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ACT Explained

The ACT Exam measures the academic competence of high school graduates when applying to university. TLaunched in 1959, ACT has become the most preferred university entrance exam since 2016. The ACT score is of great importance for students who want to attend international universities for their undergraduate degrees. The ACT exam, offered in English, is a document to prove your 'university proficiency'. Your ACT score consists of 5 different parts: English, Mathematics, Reading, Science, and an Elective Writing test. The ACT is considered optional for some univeristies and mandatory for other universities. If the ACT is mandatory at a univerisity, you usually will have the choice to take the ACT or the SAT.

A high score on ACT will increase chances for admission to university program. The ACT score is the second most important criteria after the high school GPA, and the ACT score demonstrates your future ability at these international universities.

The multiple choice exam consists of 215 questions, and the elective writing section consists of 1 essay topic for 40 minutes. The exam takes approximately 3.5 hours. Starting September in 2018, the ACT is now offered on the computer, and the test is offered 6 times a year in Turkey. While only the results of the multiple-choice exam will be announced within 2-3 working days, the writing exam results will be given within 2-3 weeks. Each multiple-choice section of the ACT exam is graded between 1-36 points. The Writing section is scored between 1-12 points.

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